– Model Emily Ratajkowski recently made headlines for discussing her "most controversial" dress.

– Ratajkowski, 31, is known for her eye-catching, bold fashion and style.

– Here's a ranking of Ratajkowski's most daring outfits.

According to GQ Australia, Ratajkowski arrived at the event wearing

a checkered turtleneck – unbuttoned halfway down

and a layered skirt designed by Paco Rabanne.

While mixing patterns can be dynamic, in this case, it's a bit distracting

Ratajkowski had minimal accessories and makeup, likely to let the outfit speak for itself. 

Let's be clear: Ratajkowski could walk out of her home in a paper bag and look incredible,

so this outfit is no expectation for her.

However, considering all the fashion risks Ratajkowski has taken over the years,