Nine years before he was accused of killing four college students in Idaho

Bryan Kohberger was arrested in his native Pennsylvania and charged with misdemeanor theft for allegedly stealing his sister's iPhone,

according to records reviewed by ABC News.

It was Kohberger's father, Michael, who reported the incident to police, according to the court records.

According to the records, Michael Kohberger told law enforcement Bryan had warned him "not to do anything stupid"

after learning his son had taken the phone, adding that his son had struggled with drug addiction.

Bryan Kohberger's earlier run-in with the law, as described in these records, is only now coming to light

as he prepares to defend himself against charges he killed four University of Idaho students last fall.

According to the records, Bryan Kohberger was 19 years old when he was arrested for the alleged theft in 2014.

He served no jail time, according to officials. There is now no public record of that arrest or the outcome of the case.