The killing of Nahel M, 17, has sparked riots in cities across France as well as the town of Nanterre to the west of Paris where he grew up.

An only child brought up by his mother, he had been working as a takeaway delivery driver and played rugby league.

His education was described as chaotic

He was enrolled at a college in Suresnes not far from where he lived, to train to be an electrician.

Those who knew Nahel, who was of Algerian descent

said he was well-loved in Nanterre where he lived with his mother Mounia and had apparently never known his father.

His record of attendance of college was poor. He did not have a criminal record but he was known to police.

He had given his mother a big kiss before she went to work, with the words "I love you, Mum".

Shortly after nine in the morning on Tuesday he was fatally shot in the chest, point-blank,

at the wheel of a Mercedes car for driving off during a police traffic check.