Jena Malone's alien spider-warrior generates a curious mix of unsettling feelings in the new teaser trailer for Rebel Moon

She is one of the few major characters from Zack Snyder's space epic whose identity has

remained a secret ever since the filmmaker revealed most of the other players in an exclusive Vanity Fair first look earlier this summer

She's also, inarguably, the weirdest and creepiest of the bunch. 

a giant arachnoid whose allegiance in this far-flung galaxy isn't immediately clear.

Is she friend, foe, or something in between?

Snyder himself shares some exclusive new insights into who—and what—Harmada is, and where she turns up in Rebel Moon.

The new teaser also reveals what each part of this two-part saga will be subtitled, in addition to confirming when the second half will make its debut.

The first chapter of Rebel Moon is titled A Child of Fire; it will hit Netflix on Dec. 22

The second half will be called The Scargiver and will debut on the streaming service four months later, on April 14, 2024.