Kim Kardashian and Kourtney Kardashian Barker aren't holding back.

During the season 4 premiere of The Kardashians, the sisters' ongoing feud from last season carried on

leading Kim, 42, and Kourtney, 44, to exchange some heated words and hit a breaking point in their fight

Tensions first arose between the two after Kim agreed to do a Dolce & Gabbana partnership last season.

Kourtney became upset that Kim did the collection with the fashion house that designed her wedding

just six months after her big day, and their fight was never quite resolved with both failing to see the other's perspective.

At the beginning of Thursday's episode, the famous family prepared to jet off to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, for a fun family getaway

but Kourtney did not attend. Kim then admitted in a confessional that the two had a pattern of moving past drama in real time only to

"get mad all over again" while watching edits from the show because "it brings up so many feelings."

In a separate confessional, Kourtney added, "What's harder than living it is watching it back in the edit, which isn't a natural way of living.