Easy Pasta Recipes: Calling pasta lovers! Is your favourite pasta sauce the red one?

Many of us truly savour pasta only when made in a tomato-based sauce.

After all, it's the perfect combination of tangy, flavourful and satisfying!

Since tomatoes are one of the most commonly used ingredients in Italian cuisine, there are many types of traditional 'red' sauces to choose from.

What's more, one can also innovate with seasonings and veggies to come up with your own version of red pasta sauce.

Pasta In Arrabbiata Sauce Arrabbiata is known to be a spicier sauce and is definitely a favourite! This one goes well with a variety of pasta:

penne, fusilli, spaghetti, farfalle and others. Arrabbiata is a classic choice you cannot go wrong with.

Pasta Con Pomodoro E Basilico In Italian, "pomodoro" means tomato while "basilico" refers to basil.

Thus, this pasta relies on the irresistible flavours of these two key ingredients

Simple yet wholesome, this red sauce can also be enjoyed with most of the common pasta types.