MAREN MORRIS IS burning The Bridge.

The songwriter’s new two-track EP —  featuring the songs “The Tree” and “Get the Hell out of Here”

seems, metaphorically, to reflect her growing exasperation with the country music industry in Nashville

“These two songs are incredibly key to my next step because they express a very righteously

angry and liberating phase of my life these last couple of years but also how my navigation is finally pointing towards the future,

whatever that may be or sound like,” Morris said in a statement.

“Honoring where I’ve been and what I’ve achieved in country music, but also freely moving forward.”

In the video for the first track, “The Tree,” Morris wakes up in Small Town (an obvious tip of the brick to Jason Aldean), a city she seems to have outgrown quite literally.

She illustrates her frustration with wanting to leave by singing, “Ooh, do you see that?

It’s the light of a new day dawning/Ooh, do you hear that? It’s the sound of a tree falling.”