U.S. Rep. Mary Peltola has been elected to a full two year term in the United States House of Representatives,

months after the Alaska Democrat won a special election to

the state’s sole seat in the House, following the death earlier this year of longtime Republican Rep.

. Don Young. Peltola has already made history as the first Alaska Native in Congress.

"This is a two-year contract. And I will be happy to work for Alaskans again,

as long as they will have me", Peltola told the Washington Post on her re-election.

Her win, she added, shows that Alaskans

"wholeheartedly embrace nonpartisanship and working together."

Peltola served out the remainder of Young’s term before facing the rematch with her previous challengers,

Republicans Sarah Palin and Nick Begich III and Libertarian Chris Bye,

for a full congressional term.