Back in the day, Ameesha Patel was in a relationship with filmmaker Vikram Bhatt for many years.

The actress was vocal about their relationship in public.

However, Ameesha believes being publically open about her relationship with Vikram affected her career.

In a new interview, the actress revealed how that love affair ruined her career and made her stay away from men for 12-13 years.

In an interview with Bollywood Hungama, Ameesha Patel spoke about dating Vikram Bhatt and how it affected her film career.

"In this industry, honesty is not welcome and I am someone, who is very honest

. I am someone, who wears my heart on my sleeves.

I think that has been the biggest drawback for me in my life.

And definitely, the only two relationships that I ever had in public, the only two I ever had, they did take a beating on my career.

For 12-13 years, I was like, 'No men. Only peace. I want nothing else in my life'," the actress said.