Fill in the popular Twitch streamer and adult actress  text

claimed she broke her back in two places and underwent surgery for it on Sunday after leaping into a foam

pit during TwitchCon at the San Diego Convention Center on Saturday.

The event also featured Megan Thee Stallion, who performed on Saturday evening.

Video footage of the incident that reportedly happened on Saturday circulated on social media.

In the footage, gaming streamer EdyBot can be seen landing in the pit after she

Chechik had a “Face Off” using foam “swords” on platforms above a foam pit.

o celebrate her win in the face-off,

Chechik jumps up and down and does an air split before landing on what appears to be her tailbone in the pit filled with what appear to be foam blocks.

At first, she’s smiling and looks to be OK, but then she says, “I can’t get up.”

Someone off-camera is heard saying, “Are you OK?” to which Chechik responds by shaking her head “no.”