The famous Hollywood actor Vin Diesel has currently claimed

the title of World’s Hottest Bald Man 2022.

Vin Diesel scored 6.46 out of 10 in this competition.

Actor Stanley Toxey stood second in the Hottest Bald Man competition

He scored 6.33 out of 10.

SWAT movie actor Shemar Moore has got the third place in this competition with 6.25 points.

Popular singer Pitbull has got the fourth position with 6.16 points.

Earlier, Prince William took this title in his own name.

This time he is ranked 5th in this competition.

According to a study done by an agency, Vin Diesel’s head is more shiny.

The title of the most handsome Bald Man in the world has been given to the famous actor Vin Diesel.