Actress Jaya Prada, along with Ram Kumar and Raja Babu, has been sentenced to six months in jail and fined 5000 rupees.

Years ago, the trio owned a cinema hall in Chennai, which faced unavoidable losses, leading to its closure.

Subsequently, the cinema hall staff filed a legal case against the three partners, alleging non-payment of ESI funds, despite deductions from their salaries.

Here's a detailed account of the matter:

To recover the theatre's losses, a portion of the actress's finances was used. Subsequently,

the Labor Government Insurance Corporation filed a case against Jaya Prada, Ram Kumar, and Raja Babu for unpaid dues.

Following court proceedings, the accused were fined 5000 rupees each and given a six-month jail term

Jaya Prada has accepted the accusations and pledged to settle the dues

Initially, she sought to apologize and settle the case by paying the taxes, but her appeal was denied.

Jaya Prada was a prominent figure in Telugu and Hindi cinemas during the late 70s, renowned for her beauty and notable works like "Siri Siri Muvva," "Sindur," "Sargam," and "Maa."