May 18, 2024

SEO work in progress

SEO work in progress. This is an eCom site, growth is NON VANITY traffic, CTR drop is because more traffic is non brand over the previous compare period.

Here’s what’s been done in short:

✔ Phase 1 Behemoth Audit to ascertain all issues

✔ Technical clean up – major issues with filtering and parameter management, canonical issues with pagination series, lots of not indexed pages, excess bloat, non E-E-A-T compliant content .

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✔ Custom GA4 card & segment set up with microsoft clarity to review conversion / engagement behaviour – filtering issues impacted user retention – swap out of filtering system for better UX version on mobile increased session engagement by more than 30% on a YoY compare

✔ Better brand trust signals – improved review integration, updated returns & delivery & Ts&Cs inclusion into footer

✔ Index declutter – new HTTP 410 policy for search result URLS that were indexable (because of search function and ability to output static URLS), removal of dead / weak pages that were non essential

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✔ E-E-A-T audit of articles – addressed issues with lack of compliance – retrofitted in sources of information, extended author bios

✔ New INLINKS NLP optimised content taking into consideration information prioritisation & maximising helpful content factors

✔ Link acquisition campaign

✔ Encouraged internal efforts to step up on review collection and lots more.

👉 Majority of new clicks > non vanity traffic growth – around 20% of new clicks were from article improvements, the rest were eCom based from long and short tail queries

👉 25% increase in product sales

👉 15% increase in AOV A lot of the growth is still to come – a good chunk of the last year has been to address CMS issues, index issues, content issues and to get link acquisition off the ground.

Either way – we’ve got NON VANITY traffic growth – this is where £££££ is made. Over the next year we’ll see growth in excess of 50%. Competitive niche.

SEO work in progress

SEO work in progress

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